Franchising With Paradigm Investment Group

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Franchising With Paradigm Investment Group

Paradigm Investment Group is an investment service under the name of Hardee’s. it is located in 4510 Executive Dr suite 330, San Diego, CA 92121, USA.

Paradigm makes an investment deal with investors who want to become a franchise partner of Hardee's group. Being under the name of Hardee's makes franchise investments to be invested by investors is an investment in the food business.


Paradigm represents Hardee's to expand business through franchise investments and find new entrepreneurs in the food business. Paradigm is also responsible for the development of new franchise branches, ranging from spot research, training, mentoring and supervision.

Paradigm does not release partners just like that, they see the progress and determine the continuation of investment. If a franchise shows a good development it will be maintained and that will not be immediately closed and the whole development processes start all over again somewhere else.

Franchise provides an opportunity for Paradigm and its partners to evaluate and test the initial hypothesis of a research. There is a trial period so Paradigm and the franchisee will be able to see the initial picture of the likelihood of success or failure of a new franchise.

The way Paradigm works is very simple. Paradigm provides everything; staff, materials, tools, etc., which they can outsource. This allows Paradigm to focus on managing investment funds and franchise development. Paradigm does not dictate what to do by a franchisee; Paradigm is more like a companion and mentor. Paradigm will be happy to develop the idea of the franchise and refine the idea.

Become a Franchisee

In studying the type of franchise business, you can ask the following questions to the franchisor:
  • How much capital is required for the business?
  • Branch anywhere?
  • What facilities will the business owner provide?
  • How much royalty fee to be paid to the business owner?

Franchise is a form of business that is run by taking a specific business brand. With a note, the business brand is already known and has a promising business opportunity. The person who runs the franchise is called the Franchisee.

Franchisee just needs to spend capital. For ideas, names, until product promotion no longer needs to be done. Because Franchisee lives run a business brand that already has a "name". Franchise is very profitable for you who want to develop business without bother.

You just look for Franchisee, and then they will run business with your business brand name. If you are interested in becoming a Franchisor or owner of your own business brand franchise, you should be prepared.

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- Tautan Bersponsor -

A franchisee must be sure to receive all the business equipment that exactly the same as your business brand. Starting from the concept of a place of business should be the same. If there are uniforms for waiters, then it should also be done for the Franchisee.

The business packaging should be the same. Until the most tenting if you run a culinary franchise is a taste that must be the same. Franchise products must remain exactly the same as each other for a single business brand. Do not let your customers find significant differences when buying products from your business brand.

Being a franchisor does not mean Paradigm acts as a boss to be feared by franchisee. Paradigm and Hardee's are friendly franchisors and there are times when franchisee needs help in running a franchise.

Paradigm established a good relationship with the franchise. Paradigm and Hardee's have been very experienced in terms of investments, especially in the field of franchise. More than 113 franchisees success became Hardee's colleagues and dozens of others with another name. It’s time for you to take a part and join to the Paradigm Investment Group.